Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
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                      Contact: Zhao Shuqi
                      Mobile: 18730717778
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                       [Company Profile] 

                      Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is located at No. 92 JieFang Road Cangzhou city, which is a large second gear enterprise and key metallurgical enterprise in Hebei Province with spiral steel pipe production, processing and preservation insulation. We are the company with 350,000 square meters floor space, 580 million Yuan total assets and 680 employees. Among the employees, 10% of them have professional titles. Our annual output is 400,000 tons of spiral steel pipe and the output value is $ 1.8 billion. There are four branches of the company including Cangzhou ShuangLong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Cangzhou TaiRi FengDa International Trade Co., Ltd., Cangzhou OuKai Pipe Insulation Corrosion Engineering Co., Ltd., and Cangzhou Spiral Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. LaiWu Branch.

                      Group's existing 13 spiral steel pipe production line (where a large diameter thick-walled to fly welding production line), an anti-corrosion insulation production lines, plant a beautiful environment, production equipment, advanced technology, in order to ensure quality, our group company strictly carries out ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, equipped with advanced on-line ultrasound, X-ray industrial TV, manual ultrasonic, hydrostatic pressure testing machine, universal testing machine and other equipment, the implementation of the product sampling, cross check, the principle of combining the whole inspection, strict quality, not to a failed factory.

                       In particular, we mastered the diameter of 3200mm, X100 grade steel spiral steel pipe production technology, the technology has been in the same industry-leading level. Can produce diameter Φ219mm-Φ3500mm, wall thickness 5-28mm, a variety of materials, steel grade for the X42-X100-class double submerged arc welded steel pipe products meet SY/T5037-2000 standards

                      GB/T9711.1-1997 standards and API Spec5L standards. Registered trademark "Continental" was identified as the Administration for Industry in Hebei Province, Hebei  Province. "Products are widely used in natural gas, petroleum, chemical, electric power, heat, water and other long-distance pipelines.

                      Wuzhou "spiral steel pipe exported to the country, some for the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, Xiaolangdi project, Yangtze River Bridge and the" West-East "and other national key projects;" Continental "has played with big international brands, products exported to the United States, Canada United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria and other 30 countries.

                      In recent years, business development was strong, the company's performance to win the community and the industry's widely recognized for many years by the state ministries, provincial and municipal governments and industry associations as "national one hundred contract and trustworthy enterprise", "National Quality Service Integrity Demonstration Unit "," National industry quality demonstration enterprise "," Hebei advanced business units "," Star Enterprise of Hebei Province "," enterprise of Hebei Province "," AAA Credit Enterprise in Hebei Province, "the honorary title. Party secretary, the chairman and general manager of Sun Tieling Labor Medal has been Hebei, Hebei Province, model workers, Hebei Province, one hundred outstanding entrepreneurs and so on.

                       [Reform innovation]

                      Group development strategy: implementation of the development strategy of going out to form based on the domestic market and expand foreign markets, the world's development pattern.

                      The world today is undergoing extensive and profound changes, and contemporary China is undergoing extensive and profound changes. Opportunities and unprecedented challenges are unprecedented. The concept of reform and innovation, development and growth in the Cang Lo group process, play a key role in unparalleled. Especially in today's highly competitive market economy, reform and innovative ideas Cang Lo Group has become the leading development strides and development of the main driving force source. The chairman, general manager of Sun Tieling that: Under the current complicated international and domestic situation, the only constant emancipate the mind, all Reality from thegroup, seek truth from facts, the courage to change, forge ahead, without any risk to fear, not to be confused by any interference, seize and important period of strategic opportunities in order to make the road to development group wider and wider, more robust pace of development, to the fierce competition in the market place firmly, and never perate a decline of the "century-old."

                      Since 2000 the company joint-stock reform since the Cangzhou spiral people keeping up with the pace of development of the times, standing wave Tuyere in the situation of market economy, always remember "innovation for development, restructuring and promoting change" core values, on the "Introduction" and "going out" development mode of the combination, achieve the enterprises making great strides development. Chairman and General Manager Sun Tieling believes that reform must proceed from the existing actual conditions of the group, full analysis of internal and external factors, development and implementation of measures in favour of long-term development of the enterprise. Group insist on real And innovative production technology on the one hand, innovative development ideas, introduce advanced technologies, ideas and talent, on the other actively expanding the development space, companies in 2009 to invest 600 million Yuan to form Dragon steel tubes limited, Cangzhou city, introduced 2 submerged arc welding production line, 1 fly welding production line, as of now, Cangzhou spiral group already has 13 spiral pipe production line, 1 coating production line. Can diameter 3,500, and steel production- level spiral steel pipe, this technology to living in the same industry at home and abroad advanced standard. Meanwhile, the group go step increase To actively expand their international trade, the formation of Cangzhou Terry Fung international trading limited, plus group in Cangzhou city of spiral steel pipes limited liability company formed in laiwu, Shandong branch will soon put into production.

                      [Quality brand]

                      Group quality policy: Quality up the factory, the customer first, the control process, continuous improvement.

                      Chairman and Managing Director Sun Tieling comrades that: faith-based enterprises to create value, the product well and truly serve society, which is the social responsibility of entrepreneurs. Cang Lo people to maintain product quality, enhance the "Continental" as a credit card spiral pipe our duty, throughout each employee's actual work. Group developed a quality management control system and reward system, adhere to the process management, focusing on quality and continuous improvement for the purpose of the quality of customer satisfaction as the standard operating mechanism; establishment inspection body steel supply System, strictly control the inspection and testing; improve the production process practices system, emphasizing the production of refined management; implementation of 100% pressure testing system, the monthly periodic product quality inspection systems; implementation of quality, progress evaluation system, scientific control . Reliable quality win customers is highly recognized in the company takes the order, the business customers accounted for more than 50%. Group played a big "Continental" brand, Tsang screw people with practical action to pursue their own pipe dream.

                       [Development idea]

                      Corporate philosophy: modern, modern enterprise

                       Enterprise purpose: self-reliance, hard work, quality first, reputation first

                       Entrepreneurial spirit: unity and truth-seeking, innovation and dedication

                       Honesty: leader, Li Cheng, Robert faith, achieving glory by writing

                      Business philosophy: to provide well more valuable products and services

                      Life philosophy: first, after work. Serve you is my enjoyment. Is equal to respect themselves and respect others.

                       In the increasingly fierce market competition, has the connotation of a unique corporate culture is the most effective brand communication to support the leverage. In fact, the brand and corporate culture is symbiotic, culture does not brand as the carrier is no transmission, no brand can not be called to support the culture of the brand. Competitive in the final analysis is the brand competition. Cang Lo insists, "unite and forge ahead, the courage to reform, scientific development," the excellent enterprise culture and improve the enterprise's core competitiveness and soft power. In the national "five" plan depicts the development of the next five years the new blue Figure historical period, the company leadership to advocate a more intense understanding of the reform of the extreme importance and urgency to strengthen the development of the company's corporate culture to boost power, the company promoting the corporate culture to build a foundation for building works: First, the "unity truth-seeking, innovation and dedication, "the spirit of enterprise, to create the concept for the group's culture, as Cang Lo's code of conduct and conscious action; second innovation system culture. Give full play to the role of the guidance of outstanding cultural, efforts to grasp customer first culture, people-oriented culture, scientific development, culture, safety culture, Quality culture, management culture, with excellent corporate culture to inspire people to shape cultural ideas were advanced, relying on excellent corporate culture to promote the refinement of the production process, intensive production methods, management, democratization, security normalization, the maximum business benefit and human resources to maximize play. Third, the reform and development culture. Group earnestly implement the scientific development culture, and take the intensive development path. The formation of respect for science, respect for talent, focus on norms, development of advanced process-oriented culture. Adhere to the reality of the enterprise, the implementation of restructuring, process reengineering, change the mode of development. Unbreakable scientific culture has developed into the strategic planning group.

                       [Control system]

                      All their management systems, enterprise management required for normal operation, it is a strong guarantee. Excellent business management system must be scientific, complete, practical approach to management is all about. Group overall planning, based on the current actual situation, focusing on long-term development, focus on five aspects, strengthening the administrative system:

                      First, modern management concepts as a guide, increase technological innovation, technological transformation of each workshop, energy saving;

                      Second, market-oriented, in line with the principle of customer first, the company established the Du Chake, responsible for the material from the steel tube, specification, quality inspection, the appearance of so as to tighten control;

                      Third, the supply of raw materials, arrange for production, storage, transportation and reasonable in all aspects of circulation, making the combination of production and circulation.

                      Fourth, the internal conditions and external environment combined; Group comprehensive analysis of internal product quality, system development, business management, staff quality factors and external market conditions and other factors, the product structure adjustment, new technology, production process optimization, operational procedures jobskills training for employees as a management priority; enterprise management systems and their underlying norms, rules, procedures and other factors to modify and improve.

                       Fifth, business strategy and specific tactics combined. Group decided to implement the strategy of going out, set up a branch in Shandong Laiwu, improve efficiency, reduce production costs, increased market share, to achieve leapfrog development group played a beautiful card.

                      Resources, ecological, low-carbon steel is the irreversible trend of development of enterprises, representing a new direction for the development of iron and steel enterprises. This year is the "five" the first year, we will reform and innovation as the key to adjust the economic structure, transform the mode of the main line, to further deepen the meticulous management, improve the quality of the brand, the "five-second" a good head, take a good step to promote the Cang Lo Group leaps and bounds, for the sound and rapid development of economic and social contribution of the new force.




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